Barnett Capital offers the real estate investor benefits that traditional lenders cannot match.

Speed and certainty. Barnett Capital’s streamlined structure means investors will receive a prompt decision, assured execution and a quick closing—usually within seven days of signing a letter of intent (LOI).

Bridge lending. Interim financing from Barnett Capital helps investors seize opportunities that may otherwise get away.

Better negotiating leverage for our borrowers. With our substantial reserve of ready cash, Barnett Capital has an unmatched ability to make clean offers that get sellers’ attention.

Lending for note purchases and traditionally non-financeable assets. Barnett Capital is one of the very few lenders with the in-depth knowledge and experience to handle these complicated transactions.

When you rely on Barnett Capital for your funding you can use debt rather than equity and retain ownership in your project.

In addition to real estate lending, Barnett Capital can be a source of quick and certain funds for underwater borrowers who need help negotiating with their current banks because we also finance discounted payoffs (DPOs).

For more information, download a summary of our program , fill out our preliminary form or contact Jeff Malach.