Barnett Capital’s residential lending division provides lines of credit to acquire, renovate, sell, and stabilize single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use investment properties nationwide in the United States and Canada.*


Barnett Capital is a preferred source for residential financing thanks to a unique program that is simple, transparent, and cost effective:

  • No points. We charge no points up front, on the back end, or anywhere in between.
  • No junk fees. We charge no closing fees, no origination fees, no loan fees, no processing fees, and no underwriting fees.
  • Interest accrues only on capital funded. No interest accrues on amounts that are approved but not funded, and there are no unused line fees.
  • Lower cost of capital. With no points, junk fees, or interest on unfunded capital, we provide you with a lower cost of capital than our competitors, even if their interest rate is significantly lower.
  • More funding provided. We generally fund 85% of a project’s total costs, including 100% of the renovation costs, and can fund up to 100% of total costs with additional collateral.
  • No credit score requirement. Instead, our focus is on your projects and experience.

Our residential lending division also brings to bear all of the strengths of Barnett Capital:

  • Speed. We can take you from your preliminary application to closing on your first loan in as little as three business days, and we can fund subsequent loans even faster.
  • Certainty. With substantial reserves of ready capital, you never need to worry that we will not have sufficient funds available. Any deal we approve, we will close. Period.
  • Flexibility. We find creative solutions for situations that trip up other lenders. For example, we can work with foreign nationals and virtually any kind of legal entity structure.

To begin our application process, submit a preliminary application, or contact Vincent Pace to learn more.

*Barnett Capital does not provide residential mortgage loans on 1-4 unit dwellings in the State of Oregon nor mortgage loans in the State of Nevada.