Unlike traditional buyers with uncertain capital sources, Barnett Capital is actively closing on purchases of commercial real estate properties across the country.

In the past two years alone, Barnett Capital has closed seven transactions totaling more than 850,000 square feet of institutional-quality industrial real estate. Average time from Letter of Intent (LOI) to closing is a mere 21 days.


Certain closings. No re-trades. That’s why Barnett Capital is a better alternative to institutional buyers.

Let’s not forget speed. Barnett Capital aims to close all transactions within 15 to 30 days after execution of an LOI. That’s because we have no partners, management committees or lending institutions to consult with that can delay decision making.


Barnett Capital searches for institutional-quality assets, beneath the institutional radar. As a result, our portfolio consists of stabilized, net leased, newer industrial product of institutional quality construction.

Though we own many different assets in markets large and small, our typical target deal is:

$2,000,000 – $15,000,000 total deal size
Stabilized, fully or nearly-fully leased and/or sale-leaseback
20,000 – 250,000 square feet
Newer, pre-cast or tilt-up construction with 24′ or more of clearance
Located in developed industrial parks with good leasing velocity
As with all its properties, new acquisitions are self-managed by Barnett Capital’s in-house specialists.


Barnett Capital helps companies seize opportunities for expansion, growth and strategic acquisitions by unlocking the equity in their corporate real estate.

A sale-leaseback with Barnett Capital effectively provides the seller/tenant with a 100% loan-to-value (LTV), completely non-recourse financing option.

Most importantly, unlike a bank loan, which can take several months of uncertainty and due diligence to close (if it closes at all in today’s environment), a sale-leaseback with Barnett Capital represents a 100% certainty of closing with no onerous requirements or re-trading – like any transaction with Barnett Capital.

Barnett Capital is actively interested in consummating sale-leasebacks with healthy businesses that own real estate which otherwise fit with our Acquisition Criteria.

For more information, contact Dan Shachtman.